Professor Colin T. Joseph Campbell was recently at an excellent crossing in his life – he required to settle on one between his skilled career and sharing the new scientific discoveries that might modification the planet for the higher with everybody. Even the Central Intelligence Agency showed up at his door asking questions about his new discoveries whereas his colleagues warned him to not continue the polemical analysis. He was conjointly vulnerable with being unemployed however despite all this, Dr. Joseph Campbell selected the reality.


Colin T. Campbell may be an academician of biological process organic chemistry at the Cornell University and through his latest analysis – he discovered that the most reason behind chronic diseases and even cancer was overwhelming animal merchandise as well as meat, milk, and fish. He managed to search out a link between carcinoma and “casein” that may be a supermolecule found in milk.


And though Dr. mythologist could be a skilled, he extremely disapproves of common diets and doesn’t get on the side of celebrity doctors as his main goal is to produce health to everybody, as well as the folks on the planet that can’t afford pharmaceutical medication and coverings.


According to him, doctors can’t be nutritionists as they don’t have the skilled coaching to offer diet advice. however once it involves him, he’s spent quite fifty years in publically supported labs and he currently desires to share the results of his analysis with the globe furthermore because of the incontrovertible fact that straightforward diet changes will stop heart condition, cut back the chance of cancer.

According to the analysis of Dr. Campbell, intense animal product activates cancer cells, whereas reducing the intake of meat reduces the chance of cancer. In different words, a high-protein diet increases the proliferation of cancer cells and provides oxygen to free radicals, which are often the cause of cancer.


The analysis of Dr. Campbell powerfully points out that the cure for cancer is believed it or not – in plants.

Dr. Joseph Campbell comes from a conservative family that lived on a farm and growing up, he was convinced that milk was of a good nutritionary worth. once he began his educational career, he studied dietary among kids within the Philippines and was utterly blown once he found a link between animal protein and liver disease.


What appalled him even a lot of was once he scan associate Indian study that declared an equivalent issue. This went against nearly everything that he ever believed till then, thus he wrote a book on diet and medical specialty studies alongside his son Thomas back in 2005. though he expected a restricted response from the general public, his book sold-out over 1,000,000 copies and was translated into twenty-five totally different languages. In 2013 he wrote another bestseller book during which he mentions, however, casein is that the worst cancer ever known.


And though his analysis wasn’t approved for human clinical trials, smaller studies showed that plant-based diet will really treat cardiopathy.


Edward Giovannucci is another proof of nutrition and medicine at the Harvard faculty of Public Health and he agrees with the claims of Dr. Campbell. He believes that the common diet is that the supply of all dangerous health within the world which the worst issue concerning the western diet is that individuals eat an excessive amount of, not solely as a result of they consume plenty of casein foods.


But despite this, the general public still prefers the overwhelming animal product. whereas it’s going to be true that milk is a lot of helpful than soda drinks, studies show that milk doesn’t improve the standard of bones within the later years, however quite the alternative – it will increase the danger of osteoporosis later in life.


The Cornell Chronicle was curious about commercial enterprise the analysis of Dr. Joseph Campbell, however, they more knee did as a result of pressure done by the massive Pharmacy business on universities and tiny media.


Dr. Joseph Campbell in his book wrote concerning the efforts of some individuals within the Yankee nutritionary community rejecting his membership. presently he’s presenting his analysis among individuals in North geographical area and by and offers free categories, wherever he speaks of how our government is ignoring science while it praises and thrives off corporative analysis.


The global economy is spreading across crops, livestock, agriculture and Agrochemical Corporation to hospitals and medical facilities further as medicine and pharmaceutical corporations. This economy recommends sure diets that praise farm merchandise and meat consumption, solely that the pharmaceutical company business will thrive off the profits, whereas individuals area unit unaware that this may cause fatal consequences.

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