Do You Know How To Prepare Broth From Bones and Why Should I Consume It?

Not only because if it is that when we are sick, taking a rich broth makes us feel better immediately. This preparation has a large number of nutrients and vitamins that can contribute wonderfully to our health, increasing the body’s defenses.

In particular, the broth of bones is one of the most filled with medicinal properties for health. Today we want to talk to you about all the benefits of the broth of bones, which will surely make you choose to implement this delicious dish more commonly in your daily diet.

It is very likely that when you were a child, your grandparents or parents made you drink a delicious dish of chicken or vegetable broth when you were cold or had a fever. This is because of the broth, has the same nutrients and vitamins as fresh vegetables, so you can replace them perfectly. It is a preparation full of benefits for our body.

Although it is true that the fashion of serving broth dishes in restaurants of high prestige is something typical of our times, the benefits of bone broth for health can be traced back to old traditions.

Even before the broth was recognized by specialists as a powerful nutritious drink for athletes, ancient cultures already used this hot drink to treat various health problems. In ancient times, when the ancient hunters tried not to waste any part of the hunted animal, some parts of it, such as cartilage, bones, hooves, and skin, were used for the preparation of delicious and nutritious wines, which were consumed for alleviating certain health discomforts.

Even from the time of Hippocrates, medical professionals have associated this powerful hot drink with the healing of various digestive ailments.

Without a doubt, every time we can assert with a greater firmness that the “grandmother’s medicinal recipes” are really the best ones, at the moment of taking care of our health.

Let’s analyze in more detail, the benefits of bone broth for health.

What is the broth of bones and how does this powerful hot drink help our health?

There is no mystery; the broth of bones is simply the broth that is extracted from the bones of animals. However, it is necessary to know that it is not the same to speak of a homemade broth than of the canned broths, or else elaborated with artificial cubes of broth or boiled water.

A delicious and nutritious homemade soup of meat and vegetables involves some hours of cooking on the fire, which will then ensure the conservation of nutrients and vitamins in the broth.

To make a delicious and nutritious soup of bones, you will only have to gather some basic ingredients, such as some bones, vinegar, and spices that you prefer, to then add everything in a pot with water and let simmer over a low heat for a whole night or a bit longer. Remember that the longer the preparation boils, the greater the degree of release of nutrients and vitamins from the ingredients, so that the healing power of the broth will be greater.

As for the benefits of bone broth for health, nutritionist Kayla McDonell, registered and founder of “My Foodie Noodie”, talks about the following aspects:

  • The soup of bones brings a large number of vitamins and minerals to the body.
  • This drink contributes excellently to our digestive system.
  • You can also drink bone soup to fight inflammation.
  • This preparation also contributes greatly to the health of the joints.
  • Bone soup promotes weight loss.
  • You can also drink broth of bones to have a better quality of sleep and improve your brain functions.

Without a doubt, it is a preparation full of benefits, which will contribute to your health in more than one aspect.

The nutritionist Kayla McDonell has been extremely consistent in stating the following:

“Recently, bone soup has become very popular, especially among people concerned about their health. This is because it is known to have many health benefits.

Although no research has been published on the bone stock itself, there is much evidence to suggest that drinking it could be extremely beneficial. ”

One of the most salient benefits of bone soup for our health, and that possibly few people know, is the immense power of this hot drink to cope with inflammation.

Currently, the consumption of sugary and processed foods is very common among people and can lead to various digestive disorders, such as chronic intestinal inflammation. The broth of bones contains a series of anti-inflammatory amino acids such as glycine, proline, and arginine, which can act directly in the body, deflating the digestive system immediately.

Another benefit that has attracted the most attention is its powerful effect to contribute to weight loss. It is an ideal dish to implement the dietary plans.

Prepare this delicious dish to share with your family and take advantage of the benefits of hot broth for your health. If you consume this drink habitually, little by little you will begin to notice the incredible improvements in your health.


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