Pharmaceutical Companies Do Not Want You To Know About This Cheap Cure: 76% Of Cancer Cells Can Be Killed In Just 24 Hours

Over a period of several years, there are discovered numerous medical and pharmaceutical frauds which were formerly were known as a conspiracy theory.


In one study which was published recently in the “British Medicinal Journal,” one of the biggest frauds for health care was exposed which killed many people on very cruel way — Chemotherapy. This thought that pharmacy and medicine did not think about the humanity is frightening. They should be helping people, especially those who suffer from serious diseases but instead, they endanger human health even more by presenting toxic drugs.

Dr. Hardin B. Jones, medical professor for physics and physiology at the University of California, has studied the life of cancer patients in a period of 25 years; he came to a conclusion that chemotherapy is useless. He testifies that cancer patients treated with chemo die in the cruelest and raw death. Also, he warns that patients treated with chemo die faster and their death is more painful than those who are treated with alternative medicine. He says that after a number of done studies came the conclusion that chemotherapy reduces human’s lifetime, kills the patients faster and the worst it that all of this is made knowingly. The pharmaceutical companies do this to make a quick and good profit but all of it will “fall into water” if people knew that cancer is treatable disease and with help of inexpensive and natural medicines which helped so many people who skipped chemo. Actually, natural remedies are effective and do not have side effects – there are many of them, it has been said in one study which is hidden from the public eye.

Researchers from the University of Kentucky made a study of the properties of the extract from the seed of grapes. They found out that this extract destroys cancer cells and leukemia cells up to 76% in just 24 hours in laboratory conditions. In the research protein, JNK is mentioned as useful which destroyed cancer cells. It is known that as the disease progresses, the chemo is less efficient. But, these new studies reveal that extract from grape seeds has opposite effect. As much as the cancer is aggressive, as much the extract is more useful. This revolutionary study proves that the extract of grape seeds destroys cancer cells which are resistant to chemo, and leaves the healthy ones without any damage. According to this, people can conclude that the chemotherapy is useless.



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