This is a herb that has been on our tables for several years and it’s being used as a spice. Just in case you were curious, it is one of your favorite spices: parsley! Since we tend to invariably use it in tiny amounts, our bodies aren’t ready to derive its full advantages. Also, the roots and leaves contain healthful properties.


This spice has properties that are important in the treatment of urinary tract infections and different associated ailments like kidney diseases. AN old lady from Bosnia-Herzegovina invented a recipe for creating parsley tea. This lady was 72kg on Thursday. Then took parsley tea and once she measured herself on Saturday, she had lost 5kg of her weight! She claims that the fat was excreted from her body within the type of waste water.

Here is the recipe she used to prepare parsley tea:


You will need following ingredients

  • 5 tablespoons of parsley
  • 1 liter of water


How to  prepare it:


First, heat the water until it boils.


Add the parsley into the water and let it soak for twenty minutes.


Filter it to get rid of the parsley. Now you’ll consume your tea! You’ll add honey to reinforce its taste.


Excess water in your body is disposed of by the kidneys. This water always contains harmful substances like toxins, dangerous microorganism, as well as dead cells.

Parsley is also an antioxidant that is an integral part in the excretion process.


Parsley tea ought to be drunk moderately because it could also be harmful if you consume more than one liter in a single day.

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